ESG Analytics Software
Metric enables you to:
Measure environmental, social, and governance
performance indicators
Measure environmental, social, and governance performance indicators
Gain new business insights
and analyze financial impact
Access tailored ESG strategies
to improve performance
Communicate positive social
and environmental impact
Private Market Investors
For Private Market Investors
Investment-grade ESG data improves your financial return.
Empower your portfolio companies
Metric streamlines the data collection process to reduce time required and number of handoffs.
Understand a new dimension of investment performance
ESG performance data identifies risks, operational performance, and opportunities for value creation.
Fulfill Limited Partner data requirements with ease
Access to clean ESG data accelerates the disclosure process and provides assurance of environmental, social, and governance performance.
For Companies
Success in the 21st century requires competitive advantage driven by environmental and social data.
Measure what matters
Metric cuts through the chaos of competing frameworks to identify material ESG factors for your business and simplify internal measurement.
Analyze performance to drive improvement
ESG data is performance data. Our analytics provide new insight into your operations and recommend tailored strategies to help you win.
Communicate to your advantage
Demands for ESG data are escalating, and Metric helps you provide internal transparency and comply with external disclosure requirements.
Understand your environmental
and social performance now